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Contract FORMS and Related Addenda

Compatible Software - In order to save the changes you make to these documents you will need either Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.  

All Contract Forms listed below are approved by the Commission for 2020-2021 use.

Summary of Contract Form Changes - Effective Jan 1, 2021

Have a contract question?

If you have a contract question, please consult your Broker or a licensed Attorney. 

Residential Sale (Effective 2021)

New Home Construction (Effective 2020)

Vacant Lot/Land (Effective 2020)

Acknowledgement and Confirmation of Disclosures (Single Sheet Only) (11-2014) 

Broker Services Informational Sheet (11-2014)

Buyer Broker Service Agreement (11-2014) 

Disclosure of Brokerage Services (11-2013) 

Earnest Money Form (Revised 03-2019) (03-2019)

Conventional Loan (11-2015)

FHA Loan (02-2018)

VA Loan (Effective 2020)

USDA Rural Housing Loan (02-2018)

Assumption of Loan (11-2015)

Back-Up Supplement (11-2014)

Buyer's Counteroffer to Seller's Counteroffer (11-2014)

Condition Removal Notification (Effective 2020)

Conditioned on Sale - Not Under Contract (Effective 2020)

Conditioned on Sale - Presently Under Contract (11-2014)

Condominium Association (11-2014)

Contract Information Booklet (02-2018) 
(This will print in booklet form, 24 pages total, with 1 blank page)

Escalation Addendum Form (11-2020)

Estimated Cost to Buyer (11-2020)

Estimated Net to Seller (02-2018)

For Your Protection, Get a Home Inspection

Non-Foreign Affidavit (2010)

Non-Foreign Seller Information Sheet (11-2016)

Notice of Cancellation (11-2014)

Notice of TRR (01-2019)

Release of Contract and Disbursement of Earnest Money (11-2014)

Seller Financing (11-2015)

Seller's Counteroffer (11-2014)

Single Family Homeowners' Association (11-2014)

Standard Clauses (Effective 2020)

Supplement (11-2014)

Townhouse Association (11-2014)                

THE ACT (Effective 01-2008, revision 2014) (Prints best on 8.5x14 paper)

Disclaimer Statement Form (11-2014)

Disclosure Statement Form ("Appendix A") (11-2020)

Exemption Form (11-2006)

Licensee Disclosure to the Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement (11-2006)

Earnest Money Form (03-2019)

Good Faith Estimate Form:  The Good Faith Estimate Form ("GFE") has evolved into variations of a "Loan Estimate" and "Closing Disclosure" document.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) no longer oversees the GFE, so we are providing the following links in an effort to assist you with this step.

Lead-Based Paint - Residential Disclosure (EPA Link)

Lead-Based Paint - Landlord Disclosure Form (OREC Link)

Lead-Based Paint - Seller Disclosure Form (OREC Link)

Listing Agreement (Effective 2020)

Listing Agreement - Residential Exclusive Right to Lease (11-2020)

Property Data Form (11-2015)

Service Members Civil Relief Act (

Native American Guaranteed Home Loan (Effective 2020)

Wire Fraud Advisory (Effective 2020)

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