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Contract FORMS and Related Addenda

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Affidavit of Land or Mineral Ownership - Individuals (SB 212)

Affidavit of Land or Mineral Ownership - Business or Trust (SB 212)

Affidavit of Land or Mineral Ownership - Exempt Business or Trust (SB 212)

Good Faith Estimate Form:  The Good Faith Estimate Form ("GFE") has evolved into variations of a "Loan Estimate" and "Closing Disclosure" document.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) no longer oversees the GFE, so we are providing the following links in an effort to assist you with this step.

Lead-Based Paint - Residential Disclosure (EPA Link)

Lead-Based Paint - Landlord Disclosure Form (OREC Link)

Lead-Based Paint - Seller Disclosure Form (OREC Link)

Listing Agreement

Listing Agreement - Residential Exclusive Right to Lease

Property Data Form

Service Members Civil Relief Act (

Wire Fraud Advisory

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