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No. Consumers should contact the Oklahoma State Bar (for attorneys), the Oklahoma Appraisal Board (for real estate appraisers), the Oklahoma Home Inspector Licensure Board (for home inspectors), the Oklahoma Office of Commissioner of Banks (for banks, mortgage companies or mortgage brokers), or other appropriate agencies.

Not unless the landlord is licensed as a real estate broker. A tenant who is renting a residential property directly from an unlicensed landlord (rather than from a real estate broker) may contact an attorney. 

No. The Commission cannot enforce contracts or require real estate agents to fulfill promises, reimburse money, or perform other acts. Persons who feel that money is owed to them in a real estate transaction or that a sales contract, lease, etc. has been breached should consult their private attorney for advice and assistance.

The County Assessor and/or County Treasurer of the county wherein the property is located.

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