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Open Records Act Revisions

Open Records Act Revisions Affecting Provision of Applicant/Licensee Data

Pursuant to Senate Bill 970, effective August 26, 2022, the Oklahoma Open Records Act no longer allows an applicant's and/or licensee's personal address, personal phone number, or personal electronic mail address or other contact information as a part of the open record.

The following information is permissible for release: License Type, License Number, License Status, License Name, Compact Status, Name of County, License First Issued Date, License Expiration Date, Employment in Nursing, Employment Field, and Employment Position. APRN Queries also provide APRN Type, APRN Specialty, and Prescriptive Authority Status. 

If you would like to request a Licensee List please email the completed request form to:

A staff member will contact you after submission of the request form to provide the cost of the data. Payment must be received prior to release of the records.

Last Modified on Jul 11, 2023