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Safety Grams

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The Oklahoma Department of Mines Safety Gram Program

The Oklahoma Department of Mines (ODM) Safety Committee was formed over two decades ago in June 2000. Although members of the committee have changed several times over the years as ODM staff retired or new individuals were added, committee members continue to meet regularly to discuss safety issues that ODM inspectors find at Oklahoma surface and underground mines. The Safety Committee generates “Safety Grams” to assist/aid permittees and operators in preventing accidents.

The Safety Grams are distributed directly to the mines by ODM inspectors, on a monthly basis, with a different topic every month. ODM Inspectors hand-carry copies of the Safety Grams to the mining operators in order to increase the chances of getting materials to the employees in the field. The face-to-face distribution of the safety materials also gives the inspectors an opportunity to generate a stress-free dialogue with the mine employees. Often these discussions disclose other issues or concerns that can be addressed before accidents occur. Operators post copies of the Safety Grams on mine office bulletin boards and use them to initiate safety discussions at tailgate or pre-shift meetings.

The one-page Safety Grams are produced in color, in both English and Spanish, to spread safety messages to the greatest number of mine workers. ODM will provide each mine site with the number of copies the operator requests. The Safety Grams cover the gamut of topics from proper operation of heavy equipment, highwall safety and berms, blasting, and electrical safety procedures. The topics vary with the season – winter driving hazards, summer heat illnesses, poisonous snake identification, and…because it’s Oklahoma…tornado watches and warnings. The Safety Grams also deal with basic first aid, emergency contact numbers posting, and regulatory rules for reporting accidents/deaths.

ODM firmly believes that the key to mine safety is education and prevention. Our Safety Grams have become an important resource in that effort.


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