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Mining Commission

The State Legislature abolished the State Mining Board and replaced it with the Oklahoma Mining Commission. (O.S. Title 45, §1)  This nine-member board, which held it's first meeting in January 1986, is the policy-determining body of the Department of Mines and sets forth the broad plans and programs of the Department.

The Commission members are appointed by the Governor and subject to approval by the Senate for seven (7) year staggered terms.  The membership of the Commission consists of one person with experience in each of the following fields: engineering or geology, labor or worker's safety, agriculture or soil conservation, transportation, economic development or banking, public utilities, natural resources, and two persons selected at large.

The Commission also selects the Director of the Oklahoma Department of Mines.  The Commission maintains its office in Oklahoma City at the main office of the Oklahoma Department of Mines.

2024 Commission Meetings

Date                      Time                     Location

02-15-24               10:30 a.m.           800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, Oklahoma City, OK          Agenda

03-21-24               10:30 a.m.           800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, Oklahoma City, OK

04-18-24               10:30 a.m.           800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, Oklahoma City, OK

06-27-24               1:30 p.m.             800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, Oklahoma City, OK

09-25-24               1:30 p.m.             200 W. Albany Street, Broken Arrow, OK

12-12-24               10:30 a.m.           631 E. Hill Street, Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma Mining Commissioners

Kurt Klutts, Chairman

Serves in the Labor/Worker’s Safety position. With a master’s in business administration from Oklahoma City University, Mr. Klutts has worked in the mining industry for forty years and is currently an Area Sales Manager for U.S. Lime Company – St. Clair. He is also the President and majority shareholder of a business he founded 29 years ago. Mr. Klutts’ term expires January 1, 2024.

Poteau, OK
(405) 522-9214

John J. Curtis, Vice Chairman

Serves in the Natural Resources position. Mr. Curtis is President Emeritus of Sherwood Construction Company. Sherwood Companies’ projects include the development of The Gathering Place and many road construction projects for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the Oklahoma Turnpike System. Mr. Curtis’ term expires January 1, 2025.

Broken Arrow, OK
(405) 522-9219

Mark A. Helm, Secretary

Serves as an At-Large member. Mr. Helm is President of Dolese Bros. Company. Dolese Bros. Co. is an Oklahoma owned company whose products have helped build bridges, dams, buildings, and homes throughout the state. Mr. Helm’s experience spans over 39 years in construction materials, including crushed stone, sand, gravel, ready mixed concrete, block and asphalt. He has worked for a number of different companies both public and private and has lived in a number of states including Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Colorado before moving to Oklahoma in 2001. Mr. Helm’s term expires January 1, 2028.

Edmond, OK
(405) 522-9221

Jim Brakefield

Serves in the Banking/Economic Development position. Mr. Brakefield owns Brakefield Equipment and is very experienced in coal and aggregate mining and reclamation work. Mr. Brakefield’s term expires January 1, 2028.

Adair, OK
(405) 522-9266

Tommy Caldwell

Serves in the Public Utilities position. Mr. Caldwell is experienced in farming, ranching, and construction and owns Bluebird Stone. Bluebird Stone supplied the natural stone seen throughout The Gathering Place. Mr. Caldwell’s term expires January 1, 2026.

Shady Point, OK
(405) 522-9218

B. David Donoley

Serves in the Transportation position. Mr. Donoley is President and CEO of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad, a family owned company whose 135 miles of railroad joins central and southeastern Oklahoma to the rest of the country. Mr. Donoley’s term expires January 1, 2027.

Wilburton, OK
(405) 522-9216

Joshua Haven

Serves in the Agriculture/Soil Conservation position. Mr. Haven is currently Vice President/Loan Officer of Security State Bank. Growing up, Mr. Haven assisted with his family’s farm and cattle ranch. Mr. Haven’s term expires January 1, 2027.

Cheyenne, OK
(405) 522-9215

James A. Kemp

Serves as an At-Large member. Mr. Kemp owns Kemp Quarries, a third generation Oklahoma family owned and operated business producing construction aggregates in Oklahoma and neighboring states. Kemp Quarries products have been used in the development of a number of large projects, including the Mid America Industrial Park and the Oklahoma Turnpike System. Mr. Kemp’s term expires January 1, 2030.

Pryor, OK
(405) 521-2176

Stanley T. Krukowski

Serves in the Engineering/Geology position. Dr. Krukowski was the Industrial Minerals Geologist at Oklahoma Geological Survey and served his last two years as Assistant Director for Publications before retiring in 2017. Dr. Krukowski now serves on the editorial board for the scientific journal Mining, Metallurgy & Environment and president elect for OneMine, the largest online library of scientific mining publications. Dr. Krukowski’s term expires January 1, 2029.

Norman, OK
(405) 522-9213

Last Modified on Feb 14, 2024
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