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Physician / Community Match Program


The State of Oklahoma sponsors this program through the Oklahoma Health Care Workforce Training Commission and a rural Oklahoma community (60%-40%) provide matching funds in order to:

  • Provide financial assistance to the primary care physician in setting up a practice in a selected rural community in rural Oklahoma.
  • Provide medical care for citizens of rural Oklahoma.


  • Applicant desires to practice in an Oklahoma community that is participating in the Match Program.
  • Applicant graduated from an accredited medical or osteopathic college, successfully completed a postdoctoral program in primary care, and preparing to set up initial practice or currently practicing a primary care specialty as approved by the Oklahoma Health Care Workforce Training Commission.
  • Applicant has not previously received funding through HWTC scholarship programs.
  • Applicant has no other assistance which has a conflicting service obligation requirement.
  • Applicant must not be currently practicing in a rural Oklahoma community.
  • Not currently on a J-1 Visa.

Amount of Loan

$50,000.00 maximum - $30,000.00 minimum
A lump sum payment provided when the physician begins practice in the matching community.


A minimum of two years of practice in the matching community for each $30,000.00 and a minimum of three years for each $50,000.00 received (60% state funds and 40% community funds). The loan is forgiven after completion of the practice obligation.

Further Information

Liquidated Damages
If the physician decides not to fulfill his/her practice obligation to a matching community he/she would owe in lump sum the principal, interest and up to 100% penalty.

Non-Qualifying Communities
Due to the rural aspect of the scholarship, communities near Oklahoma City and Tulsa may not qualify for residency location.


Last Modified on Sep 15, 2023