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Physician Programs

Loan repayment is made possible by the State of Oklahoma through the Oklahoma Health Care Workforce Training Commission in order to offer the following benefits:

- Assistance to Oklahoma licensed primary care physicians who agree to establish a practice in a rural community located in Oklahoma approved by the Commission.
- Access to medical care and services to Oklahoma citizens in rural and underserved areas with special emphasis to Medicaid and Medicare recipients and achieving improved Oklahoma Health Outcomes.

A Scholarship Program for residents in an accredited Oklahoma Family Practice Residency Program. Each participating resident receives $1,000 per month with a month for month practice obligation in an underserved rural community upon completion of the residency program. A minimum of one year service is required.

A rural Oklahoma community may provide Practice Incentive funds, matched by HWTC, to any qualified primary care physician (FP, IM, Ped, OB, GS, ER) in establishing a full-time practice. The physician repays the scholarship/loan by practicing medicine in that community.

Last Modified on Jul 27, 2022
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