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Statutes And Rules

Codified Administrative Rules

The Oklahoma Health Care Workforce Training Commission's rules are linked below. You may also order copies through the Secretary of States web site

Title 540 - Health Care Workforce Training Commission  *please note you have to scroll down to find Title 540, or you can search for Health Care Workforce Training Commission in the search bar at the top*

Codified Rules (Secretary of State of Oklahoma)

Oklahoma Statutes Citationized

Oklahoma Health Care Workforce Training Commission's statutes, Title 70 and Title 63, are listed and linked below in the Oklahoma State Court Network (OSCN).

Title 70 Schools | Oklahoma Rural Medical Education Loan and Scholarship Fund

Title 70 Schools | Health Care Workforce Training Commission

Title 63 Public Health and Safety | Article 29 - Oklahoma Medical Loan Repayment Program

Last Modified on Sep 20, 2023
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