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Broadband Equity Access and Deployment (BEAD) Program

The BEAD Program will provide $797.4 million to build broadband infrastructure and develop programs to expand high-speed internet access.

BEAD is administered by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of the US Department of Commerce. The Oklahoma Broadband Office (OBO) will manage the competitive grant process.  

Initial Proposal Volume I

Initial Proposal Volume I has been approved by NTIA.  

In compliance with federal guidance, the BEAD Initial Proposal Volume I focuses on existing funding, unserved and underserved locations, community anchor institutions, and a challenge process.

View Initial Proposal Volume I

Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs) play a critical role in delivering internet access and relaying information to residents. CAIs include, libraries, community centers, and other public entities that assist Oklahomans with critical high-speed internet required in our everyday lives.

View Oklahoma's Community Anchor Institutions

Click here to learn more about BEAD.

Initial Proposal Volume II focuses on how Oklahoma will deploy broadband across the state. It covers the subgrantee selection process, affordability plans, workforce readiness, and much more.

View the proposal here.

The office is awaiting final approval from NTIA.  

The state's Five Year Action Plan has been approved by NTIA.

BEAD Five Year Action Plan

Last Modified on Apr 09, 2024