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Oklahoma has launched an aggressive effort to ensure fast and affordable broadband internet service is available throughout the state.

This effort builds on previous work to connect the entire state with the economy of the 21st Century. The benefit to families, farms, businesses and communities is this generation’s equivalent to the impact of rural electrification nearly 100 years ago.

Oklahoma Broadband Office

The Oklahoma Broadband Office is on a five-year mission to develop and administer grant programs to make affordable, high-speed internet available to all Oklahomans.

It also coordinates efforts throughout the state to ensure broadband expansion is conducted effectively and efficiently.

Oklahoma Broadband Governing Board

The Broadband Governing Board, composed of nine members, oversees the Broadband Office, hires its Executive Director, and sets broadband expansion policy.

Membership includes the Lieutenant Governor, State Treasurer, three appointees of the Governor, and two appointees each from the Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and the President Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma State Senate.

Oklahoma Broadband Expansion Council

The Broadband Expansion Council provides recommendations to the Broadband Office to improve, expand and reduce the cost of high-speed internet connectivity in Oklahoma.

The 14-member council includes the Executive Director of the Broadband Office along with appointees by the Governor, Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, President Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma State Senate, and Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

Last Modified on Oct 28, 2022
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