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Broadband Expansion Council

Pursuant to 74 O.S. § 9203 and 74 O.S. § 9209, the Expansion Council serves as the advisory board to the Oklahoma Broadband Office. The Council advises the Office in developing and monitoring the state broadband grant program. Statutory duties include:

  1. Identifying geographic areas to be utilized in developing the Office's policies for establishing or improving broadband access in the state pursuant to the Oklahoma Broadband Expansion Act;
  2. Assessing the financial viability of broadband service providers so that a broadband network is adequately supported in its operations, that needed repairs and upgrades can be undertaken on a timely basis and that the goal of having a quality long-term broadband service delivery system across the state is achieved and maintained;
  3. Maintaining the viability of the Oklahoma Universal Service Fund and give consideration to whether similar universal funds should be implemented in order to facilitate broadband expansion and operational costs for underserved areas; and
  4. Preventing duplication of facilities and investment when the Office makes grant recommendations. With the input of the Council, the Oklahoma Broadband Office shall establish objective standards in order to determine whether the construction of broadband access constitutes duplication of facilities and investment and also the role of any recommended incentives that would benefit entities in the private sector so that public resources are effectively utilized and that duplication of efforts is avoided.

Broadband Expansion Council Members

  • Dr. Brian Whitacre, Chair, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University - Dept. of Ag. Economics - Stillwater
    Professional with academic expertise in large scale info technology infrastructure with emphasis on rural broadband access. Appointee of Senate President Pro Tempore
  • Mark Argenbright, Vice Chair, Director, Public Utility Division & Consumer Services, Oklahoma Corporation Commission - Oklahoma City
    Government official with expertise in administration of the Universal Service Fund, but who is not an elected member of the Commission. Appointee of Corporation Commission
  • Darlene Brugnoli, Vice President Governmental Affairs, Verizon
    Representative of a wireless telecommunications provider not affiliated with an incumbent local exchange carrier in Oklahoma. Appointee of Speaker of the House
  • Jason Constable, Director, Regulatory Affairs, AT&T Corp. - Oklahoma City
    Representative of a wireless telecommunications provider with operations in Oklahoma and 24 other states. Appointee of Speaker of the House
  • Sachin Gupta, Director of Government Business and Economic Development, Centranet, LLC - Stillwater
    Rural electric cooperative representative. Appointee of Senate President Pro Tempore
  • Mike Hilliary, Chief Administrative Officer, Hilliary Communications - Lawton
    Representative of a wireless internet service provider. Appointee of Governor
  • Ernie Martens, Mayor, City of Sallisaw - Sallisaw
    Current or former mayor of municipality of population of less than 35,000 and not a part of the OKC or Tulsa Metropolitan Statistical Area. Appointee of Governor
  • Stacie Pace, Associate Director, Canopy Healthtech - Owasso
    Rural healthcare representative. Appointee of Speaker of the House
  • Mike Sanders, Executive Director - Kingfisher
    Oklahoma Broadband Office
  • Josh Snow, President, Trace Fiber Networks, LLC
    Oklahoma resident and tribal leader. Appointee of Senate President Pro Tempore
  • Robbie Squires, Director of Government & Regulatory Affairs, Cox Oklahoma Telecom, LLC
    Private-sector technology professional with expertise in broadband. Appointee of Speaker of the House
  • Billy Frank Staggs, President, Chickasaw Holding Company - Sulphur
    Member representing the interests of rural internet service providers. Appointee of Speaker of the House
  • Daniel Webster, CEO, Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative - Vinita
    Represents interests of rural business enterprises. Appointee of Senate President Pro Tempore
  • Jerry Whisenhunt, General Manager, Pine Telephone Company, Inc. - Broken Bow
    Citizen from community with less than 50,000 that is not part of OKC or Tulsa Metropolitan statistical areas. Appointee of Senate President Pro Tempore
Last Modified on Dec 07, 2023
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