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The Commission office building has limited access to the public. For faster service, please email your name, license number and question/issue to


The Commission Office will be closed Thursday, November 25th and Friday, November 26th in observance of Thanksgiving.

Ready to apply to become an instructor? Apply online now. 

Requirements to Become a Real Estate Instructor 

  •      Professional Resume
  •      Proof of one of the following:

1) Possession of a bachelor’s degree

2) Possession of a valid teaching credential or certificate from Oklahoma or another state authorizing the holder to teach in an applicable field of instruction

3) Five (5) years full-time experience out of the previous ten (10) years in a profession, trade or technical occupation in the field of instruction.

4) An individual determined by the Commission to possess a combination of education and/or experience, in a related field in which  the person is to teach, which establishes an equivalent to one or more of the qualifications in (1), (2), or (3) of this subsection. 

Last Modified on Dec 12, 2020