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Private Guardianship Background Check

Private guardianship background checks are completed by OKDHS for guardianships that do not have any OKDHS involvement.  The court, or your attorney, should instruct you on the type of background check required for your specific guardianship: name-based or fingerprint-based. If you are unsure which you need, please contact your attorney for confirmation to avoid delays.

Private Guardianship: Fingerprint Based Background Check

As of November 01, 2018, OBI and the OSBI are unable to process national fingerprint background checks for children who are not in the custody of the Department of Human Services.

If you require a national fingerprint based background search for Private Guardianship, you will need to visit the FBI website and request an “Identity History Summary Check”. 

Private Guardianship: Name Based Background Check

In some cases you will be asked to provide the results of a name based or OSBI background search.  This is a search of your Oklahoma criminal history record only.

OBI may complete this search for you, or the individual may go directly to the OSBI website to complete the search.

If you would like for OBI to do the search for you please provide the items listed below.

What you will need:

  • Complete Request for Background Check, form 04AD003E. Ensure all sections of form are completed and signed.
  • Keep a copy of signed request for your records.
  • Payment of a $20 processing fee, per person is required. Payment(s) can be made via money order, cashier’s check or personal check, payable to Department of Human Services.
  • Mail all items together to:
    Office of Background Investigations
    PO Box 268935
    Oklahoma City, OK 73126