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Residential Services

Residential Supports are a group of support services options available to individuals with intellectual disabilities whose needs cannot be met in the traditional family home.  An agency is contracted to provide all of the support services needed to ensure the individual is integrated into the community and health and safety needs are met.  

Services Include:

Contact Information

To reach the provider help center, please call
(405) 325-5080 or


Employment Services

Oklahoma supports individuals with employment supports through the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waivers. These programs strive to improve the quality of life for vulnerable Oklahoman and increase their ability to lead safer, healthier, more independent and productive lives. 

Providers can support these individuals on waiver services through the listed employment types:

For any provider questions about these services, please email or call the provider support center (405) 325-5080 or 1-800-349-9173

Additional Resources

For Provider Support:

Phone: (405) 325-5080

OAC-340 (See section 100)
OAC-317 (See section 40)

Last Modified on Nov 06, 2023
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