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This voucher payment program funds respite vouchers to caregivers so they can pay another person to care for their loved one and take a break from their caregiving duties.

Caregiver (Person who typically provides care)
Care recipient (Person who is cared for)

  • Care recipient does not receive services through a DDS Home and Community-Based Services Waiver.
  • Care recipient receives less than 20 hours per week of state funded services (some exceptions apply).
  • Care recipient has a developmental disability per Section 1408 of Title 10 of the Oklahoma Statutes.
  • If in DHS custody the care recipient must be living in a kinship home.
  • Caregiver does not receive the Family Support Assistance Payment on behalf of the Care Recipient
  • Caregiver must live in Oklahoma.
  • Caregiver must not receive respite services funded through another state or federal program.
  • Caregiver must reside with and provide at least eight hours per day of care to an eligible care recipient.
  • Caregiver’s adjusted gross income is less than $75,000.      

  • Copy of the caregiver’s most recent federal income tax return (if taxes were not filed verification of all earned income)

  • Copy of the caregiver’s Social Security card

  • Copy of the caregiver's Social Security Administration award letter

  • A copy of the care recipients Birth Certificate and Social Security Card

  • The Developmental Disability Verification form

  • A copy of the Multidisciplinary Evaluation and Eligibility Group Summary (MEEGS) and the Review of Existing

    • Data report (RED) or   

    • A copy of the care recipient’s current psychological evaluation

    • If applicable, a copy of the care recipient’s SoonerStart developmental evaluatio

If approved, the caregiver will receive a set of vouchers in the amount of $300 or $500.  The caregiver selects the respite provider and decides their rate of pay.  The respite provider must be 18 or older, cannot reside with the caregiver, and must attach a copy of their Social Security card or tax identification letter to the first voucher they submit.  The voucher is submitted to DHS Finance for review. Once the voucher is approved, DHS Finance will send the respite provider a check within 45-days. 

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