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Functional Family Therapy - RFP

Attached is the current round of RFPs for the Functional Family Therapy (FFT) initiative.

OJA FFT RFP -  (05-26-22)

FFT Questions and Answers - (6-15-22)

FFT Site Application - (6-28-22)

2022 FFT Budget Spreadsheet - (6-28-22)

FFT - Pre-Bid Conference Meeting - (6-28-2022)


Youth Service Agency Partners-

The State of Oklahoma is in desperate need of emergency shelter beds for children and youth throughout the state. In an effort to support your commitment to serve these children, OJA is implementing an emergency response to bring relief to the system. For those of you who have exhausted your CBYS budget and have no additional funding to respond to this crisis, we will insure payment for these beds. Effective immediately, OJA will pay the flex shelter rate (138.63) plus the tier 4 rate for all youth referred through the Department of Human Services (DHS), Specialized Placements and Partnership Unit (SPPU). Prior to any reimbursements, CBYS must approve the emergency flex shelter rate. It is our hope that we will have zero children in our state without a pillow to lie their heads on. This rate is in effect through June 30, 2022. OJA and DHS will review utilization of this rate to determine effectiveness and duration of use.




Total Bed Rate





As always, we appreciate your willingness to serve and support these children. Your investment makes a difference every day. Here is a link to the (pdf) bed rates. Here is a link to the ZOOM meeting. (The meeting starts at the 9:48 mark).

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