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Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is the phone number and address of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation?

Phone Number: (405) 522-8000
Address: 200 NE 21st Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73105
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General Questions


1. How do I apply for or renew an Oklahoma driver license or CDL?

Service Oklahoma now handles licenses, CDL, reinstatements, and renewals. For information, call 405-522-7000.

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2. Where do I get a DOT number for my commercial truck?

TDOT numbers are issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Call 1-800-832-5660.                                                                                                                                

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3. What are the truck size and weight regulations in Oklahoma and how do I apply for a permit?

Contact the Size and Weights Division or call 405-425-7012 for licensing and regulation.                

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4. My car was damaged by a pothole on a state highway or interstate. How do I file a claim?

Contact the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, Division of Capital Assets Management or call 405-521-4999.                                                                                         

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5. How do I report potholes, damaged signs, litter, downed limbs or other state highway or interstate maintenance concerns?

To report, please call 405-522-8000.

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6.Where do I report bad or dangerous trucking practices?

The state’s turnpikes are constructed, maintained and operated separately by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority or call 1-800-Pikepass.                                                                  

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7. Who is responsible for law enforcement on state highways and interstates?

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is the primary enforcer of laws on highways and turnpikes outside of incorporated city limits, and local police,

sheriffs and federal agencies enforce laws within their jurisdictions.

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8. Who is responsible for city streets or county roads?

County commissioners maintain county roads and municipalities maintain their own streets, except for highways in their town.

ODOT works closely with local entities to ensure good service, but does not have jurisdiction over local roads


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9. How do I report a traffic signal that is out or not timed well?

Once installed, all traffic signals are maintained and controlled by the city or county, even on state and US highways. Contact the city or county where the signal is located.

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10. I missed a toll booth on a turnpike. Who do I call about tolls?

The state’s turnpikes are constructed, maintained and operated by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. Visit or call 1-800-PIKEPASS (1-800-745-3727). 

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11. Who sets state highways and interstate speed limits?

State law requires that speed limits on state highways be set at the state maximum, unless traffic and engineering studies show a need to lower them for safety reasons. ODOT traffic engineers perform studies in accordance with national standards to determine safe speed limits, which must then be approved by the Oklahoma Transportation Commission.


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12. Can I put signs or memorials on state highway right-of-way?

It is illegal to place anything on highway rights-of-way, including campaign signs, commercial advertisements or memorials. (69 O.S. § 1208 (b)) Unauthorized signs can obstruct drivers’ views at intersections, block highway warning signs, cause damage to vehicles, injure drivers who pull off in emergencies, disrupt ODOT mowing operations and cause litter. Please keep roadsides clear and clean for everyone’s safety. You can ask nearby property owners about placing a sign on their land. You may also contact the local ODOT Field Division at for assistance.

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13. How does my company bid on construction or engineering contracts?

Visit the ODOT bid page.

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14. How do I apply for a state job at ODOT?

Visit the Office of Management & Enterprise Services

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1099 Questions


1. I received a 1099-S in a different amount than what I actually received?

If an allocation wasn't established before payment and multiple owners were listed on the warrant, ODOT is required to send a separate 1099-S to all the owners on the warrant for the total unallocated gross proceeds amount. We don't know who gets how much of the money after our payment is made, even if ownership interests are known. Check with your tax advisor to provide the proper documentation to the IRS along with your 1099-S showing when you received the money and the actual amount received.

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2. I did not receive my money in the same tax year as the 1099-S. Will I receive another 1099-S next tax year based on the actual year I received the money?

No. Our 1099-S program is based on the Warrant Issuance Date to establish the parameters for issuing our 1099-S. Check with your tax advisor on when you need to report it and how to document it.

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3. How do I get my money that is on deposit at the Court Clerk's office?

You need to contact your attorney or the Court Clerk's office for instructions on disbursement. Also, please return your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to ODOT in the return envelope that was previously mailed to you, as required by the IRS.

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4. What portion of the total amount received do I have to pay taxes on?

Contact your tax advisor concerning the IRS regulations on reporting real estate transactions (including damages and capital gains).

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Last Modified on May 09, 2023
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