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The benefits of the dental plan are based on cost sharing features that include a deductible and coinsurance. Plan benefits and your out-of-pocket costs will differ depending on the provider you choose.

The member deductible on combined basic and major restorative services is $25 for individuals and $75 for families. $2500 calendar year maximum benefit for preventative, basic, and major restorative services. 

Preventative Services covered at 100% 

  • Routine oral exams.
  • Cleanings.
  • Bitewing X-rays.  

Basic Restorative Services covered at 85% 

  • Extractions, including wisdom teeth. 
  • Root canals. 
  • Fillings. 
  • Oral Surgeries. 

Major Restorative Services Covered at 60% 

  • Dentures. 
  • Dental Implants. 
  • Initial placement of full or partial removable dentures.

Orthodontic Services covered at 50% 

  • Up to age 19. 
  • TMD benefits.
  • Molar uprighting. 
  • 12-month waiting period.

 This dental plan is the same for Active and Medicare members.

Get the 2023 dental plan information in this video!

Last Modified on Aug 18, 2023