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SilverScript Appeals and grievances

Medicare supplement plan members

SilverScript Prior Authorization Process

Pharmacy Prior Authorizations

This section contains information about the prior authorization (PA) of drugs and other utilizations management information (UM) about covered drugs

Pharmacy PA is a medical review that is required for coverage of certain drugs such as those that:

  • Are high cost.
  • Have specific prescribing guidelines.
  • Are generally used for cosmetic purposes.
  • Are limited in quantities.

Pharmacy Prior Authorization- The following are types of PA and UM.  These measures are put in place to act as a safety and cost saving measure for the plan, by granting approval for drugs covered by the FDA for certain disease states.

  • Access or Traditional PA- Reviews typically require that specific medical criteria is met before the drug is covered.
  • Quantity Limit (QL)- Certain drugs are limited in the quantity that you can receive per copay based on their recommended duration of therapy and/or routine use.
  • Step Therapy (ST)- Requires you to first try a designated preferred drug to treat your medical condition before the plan covers another drug for the same condition. Some step therapy drugs may also be limited in quantity.
  • Brand Name, Non-Preferred drug and tier exception- A process that reviews a brand name or non-preferred drug when you are unable to tolerate the generic or preferred drugs.

To start a Prior Authorization

Follow these stops to request a prior authorization (PA) – SilverScript members ONLY

Providers may contact SilverScript (SS) in two ways, either by calling the Prior Authorization (PA) line or by going online to or Electronic Prior Authorization Solutions | CoverMyMeds.

By phone, providers can call 855-344-0930 to start the PA process.

  • If the PA request is approved, the provider’s office or the member will need to contact the pharmacy and have the claim processed for the drug or have the script sent to the pharmacy and then have the claim processed.
  • If the PA request is denied, then the first level appeal process is listed in the PA denial letter and provides directions on how to file the First Level Appeal.

If the PA is denied, a first level appeal may be warranted:

First Level Appeal

If the Prior Authorization request is denied, the provider may file an appeal to MAXIMUS, the provider must provide a statement to support the exception request and should attach a copy of this statement to the appeal request. In order to appeal the Prior Authorization denial, the member or their provider must request the appeal in writing within 60 calendar days after the date of the denial notice from SilverScript. The appeal request for PDP and MA-PD plans must be mailed or faxed to the independent reviewer at:

MAXIMUS Federal Services
3750 Monroe Ave., Suite #703
Pittsford, NY  14534-1302 

Fax: 866-825-9507 or 720-462-7575
Customer Service: 877-456-5302

Last Modified on Sep 05, 2021