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Tobacco Cessation Resources

Why Support for Cessation is Important

Most Oklahomans who smoke or use other tobacco products say they want to quit, and on average about half make a serious quit attempt each year. Transitioning to a tobacco-free policy can be a strong motivator for these tobacco users to quit. Those who succeed in breaking this addiction will also realize important health benefits.

Another reason for state agencies (and other employers) to support cessation among employees –especially during these transitions –is for employee support of the new policies. It is reasonable to view the employer and the policy more favorably if the employer is investing in support for cessation efforts for those seeking to quit tobacco use. Cessation support not only boosts the health of the workforce, thus saving money, but this investment can also pay dividends in employee acceptance of and support for the new policy.

We know that successful quitting can often take numerous tries. Encouraging the use of resources such as the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline, while reducing treatment barriers (such as the cost of tobacco cessation) encourages tobacco users to seek help, prevent relapse and successfully quit.

Tobacco cessation benefits that have been found to be the most effective utilize the following:

  • Counseling and medications, together or separately
  • Coaching services, including the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline
  • FDA approved medications, including bupropion, Varenicline and both prescription and over-the-counter nicotine replacement medication

Fortunately, there are more cessation resources available today in Oklahoma than ever before, and the insurance plans of state employees have improved their coverage for these services in recent years. The following information is available for you to distribute to employee and others.


Don't wait. Get help today.


Getting Started - Helpful Terms to Know

NRT - Nicotine Replacement Therapy

  • Nicotine Gum
  • Patches
  • Lozenges OTH 

OTH - Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline

OTC - Over the Counter (medications)

What is the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline?

The Helpline is a free and effective service that provides a series of one-on-one cessation counseling sessions over the telephone, information and tips about stopping tobacco use, referrals to community resources, if needed, and nicotine replacement “starter kits” for some. Counselors are trained, Master’s level counselors. The Helpline has been proven to work for people all over the country.

How does telephone counseling work?

A Helpline Quit Coach™ works with callers to determine their readiness to quit, discusses their options for using nicotine replacement products or other cessation aids, assists callers in developing a quit plan that is right for them, and schedules up to four follow-up sessions to coach callers through their quitting process and encourages them along the way.

Free Nicotine Replacement Products Provided as “Starter Kits”

  • All tobacco users who are ready to stop using tobacco and register for helpline services are eligible to receive at least a two-week “starter kit” of nicotine replacement patches, gum or lozenges, unless not indicated due to health concerns. The helpline sends a starter kit to the tobacco user’s home.
  • Patches, gum or lozenges are free and there’s no catch. No one will call the tobacco user to sell them something and there are no hidden charges!
Who is eligible to receive Helpline services?
Anyone living in Oklahoma ages 13 and older may call the Helpline and receive free services. Helpline specialists will assist tobacco users, providers and concerned family members and friends

What are the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline hours?

The Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TWO new websites are now available!

    Register for helpline services online
    Access resources to help you quit.

    Improved Service to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • 1-877-777-6534 TTY
  • 1-866-748-2436 Deaf Videophone
  • Ask for direct VP number


  • It often takes multiple attempts to succeed – it takes practice to learn obstacles and successes.
  • Tobacco users didn’t “fail” with their last quit attempt...They now know what doesn’t work for them.

Available Help

Resource Accessibility Considerations

Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline – Phone service

  • 1-800-QUIT NOW
  • 1-800-784-8669
  • Available 24/7
  • Available on your schedule
  • No cost to participate
  • No transportation issues
  • No child care issues
  • Free NRT is available to most
  • Need consistent phone access

Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline – Web only

  • Available on your schedule
  • No cost to participate
  • No transportation issues
  • No child care issues
  • Free NRT is available to most
  • Need computer access

Smokefree TXT

  • Text the word QUIT to IQUIT (47848)
  • Available 24/7
  • Interactive texting options
  • Offers support based on mood, cravings and habits.
  • If you pay for individual texts, this program may not be for you. *Check with your mobile provider.
  • No free NRT provided

Insurance Benefits


  • Prescription products - Two 90-day courses of prescription tobacco cessation products each plan year covered at 100% with no cost to members:
    • Covered medications:
      • Chantix 0.5mg and 1mg tabs.
      • Nicotrol 10mg Cartridge.
      • Nicotrol NS 20MG/m Nasal Spray.
      • Bupropion HCL SR 150mg tabs.
      • Buproban 150mg SA tabs.
  • Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline Services
    • In partnership with the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) HealthChoice participants are eligible for quit coaching, and up to 12 weeks of patches or gum, or 8 weeks of lozenges at no cost to members.

*Please  be  sure  to  check  with  your  insurance  provider  for  specific  benefit  coverage  information  as  some  benefits may change

Additional Online Resources

There are excellent additional resources that will help you with a successful quit at

Last Modified on Mar 03, 2022
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