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Past Council Projects

This project works with self-advocates to define current obstacles they face when parenting with a disability and educate their natural supports and professional providers about the barriers that exist.


With this partnership with Oklahoma ABLE Tech, Oklahoma's Assistive Technology Center, the Council is able to provide up-to-date technology devices for the students attending the Council's advocacy training programs: Partners in Policymaking and the Youth Leadership Forum.

Better Lives is bringing People Planning Together (PPT) to Oklahoma. PPT is developed by and for people who experience life with disabilities. The training walks people through the process of hands-on discovery of the things.


The Council is excited to be working with Oklahoma State University as they work this year in developing their inclusive postsecondary education program for students with intellectual disabilities.


When you use the R-word you never know who is listening, it could be someone with a disability or someone who has a family member with a disability.


Last Modified on Mar 31, 2023