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Supporting Parents with Disabilities

This project works with self-advocates to define current obstacles they face when parenting with a disability and educate their natural supports and professional providers about the barriers that exist and the supports or resources that parents can utilize to be more independent.  The project will support the use of trained regional resource teams to support professionals as they work to provide individualized support and equal access to services; raise awareness and sensitivity in our nursing pool; pilot a support group customized for parents with intellectual disabilities; and improve access to appropriate assessment when parents are involved in legal proceedings.

The benefiting population will be self-advocates who choose to be parents regardless of their age or type of disability. Self-advocates served by the resource teams will receive services appropriately adapted to their needs. Self-advocates utilizing the Competency Based Assessment process will be in a better position to receive fair treatment in legal proceedings. All professionals touched by interaction with the resource teams or nurses training will leave with a better understanding and awareness of the challenges when parenting with a disability as well as possible resources. Self-advocates utilizing the support group will receive parent education, the opportunity to build a larger social network, and the co-parenting workshop will encourage natural support partners focused on empowering them in their role as parent.

Learn more about this project on Sooner SUCCESS' page. For more information, contact Lisa Simmons, Project Coordinator or (580) 747-1004.

You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Last Modified on Mar 09, 2023
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