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Alternatives to Guardianship

This on-demand video was produced to help family members, individuals, and professionals with gathering information about the alternatives to guardianship.

How to find out who your legislators are?

The first step in advocacy is knowing who represents you at the Federal and State level. Learn how to find this out with this short video.

Listen to Jennifer Keelan-Chaffins as she talks about her book All The Way To The Top

Jennifer Keelan-Chaffins became famous for lifting herself out of her wheelchair, at age 8, and climbing the steps of the United States Capitol with others. Listen to Jennifer share about her life and the children’s book she wrote.

Living in the Freedom World

Living in the Freedom World documents the stories of people who lived in the Hissom Memorial Center and other Oklahoma State Schools to show how their lives changed after moving into the community.

Last Modified on Jun 30, 2023
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