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ABLE Tech Partnership

With this partnership with Oklahoma ABLE Tech, Oklahoma's Assistive Technology Center, the Council is able to provide up-to-date technology devices for the students attending the Council's advocacy training programs: Partners in Policymaking and the Youth Leadership Forum. These devices our students will use include a touch screen device, external keyboard and mouse, headset and other accessories. All equipment fits into a small bag to make it easy to carry.

This partnership has also created learning modules to help our communities create accessible websites and through partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, has made these modules so anyone can access.

Learn the fundamentals of designing accessible web content. This course is designed for those new to accessible digital design but contains information for novices and veterans alike. This course could take from two to four hours to complete, though it can be started and stopped at any time. Upon completion, learners will have a practical, fundamental understanding of the following:

  • Webpage Structure, including titles, language, heading structure, and keyboard navigation;
  • Images, including text alternatives, complex images, images of text, and decorative images;
  • Color, including contrast and “color alone”;
  • Text, including hyperlinks, readability, plain language, and lists; and
  • Accessible Data Tables.

Begin to put your new knowledge into practice by learning about the web accessibility testing and reporting process and performing basic testing in a controlled environment. This self-paced course requires successful completion of Accessible Webpage Design & Content Authoring and should take one to two hours to complete. Upon completion, learners will have practical knowledge of the web accessibility testing process including:

  • Defining checklists;
  • Establishing an accessibility testing toolbox;
  • Choosing samples;
  • Performing testing;
  • Logging results; and
  • Preparing and reporting your findings.

Learn more about Oklahoma ABLE Tech by contacting Shelley Gladden or checking out their website

Last Modified on Mar 09, 2023
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