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People Planning Together

Better Lives is bringing People Planning Together (PPT) to Oklahoma! 

PPT is developed by and for people who experience life with disabilities. The training walks people through the process of hands-on discovery of the things that matter most to them. They work to discover their Important TOs. They work to discover their Important FORs. Through the course of the class they tell the story of what they want their lives to look like, what the balance between Important TO and Important FOR is, and what supports they need and want to move forward toward the life they love.

This training is led by people with disabilities who have typically thinking supporters to assist them as needed. Support for participants is provided by the trainers as well as the people they bring to help them. Participants leave the training experience with an individually developed plan they can use to guide conversations with their families, friends, or support teams/circles in their day-to-day lives.

Connect with Better Lives online through their website or their Facebook page

Last Modified on Mar 09, 2023
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