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Digital Opportunity Survey

Oklahoma nonprofits, community organizations, businesses, and others, we want to hear what digital resources you offer as we determine the state’s potential for increasing digital opportunity.

Fill out a short 10-minute survey at this link.

Oklahoma's Digital Promise Tour

Oklahoma's Digital Promise seeks to understand the barriers to accessing reliable high-speed internet statewide.  

This tour around the state will allow the OBO to collect data that highlight areas where expanded broadband deployment will improve the lives of all Oklahomans.

Feedback from communities is critical as we develop a Digital Equity Plan.

Sign up here to visit one of the locations listed below.

Oklahoma's Digital Promise

The Oklahoma Broadband Office (OBO) wrapped up its 19-stop listening tour on July 18 in Woodward. More than 6,500 miles were traveled to hear from Oklahomans.

Local leaders, nonprofits, educators, healthcare providers, business leaders, and community members contributed to the conversation by expressing barriers to high-speed internet in their areas. Here are their top responses:

  • Internet service is too expensive
  • Internet service is not available to their home
  • They only subscribe to mobile internet service

The OBO heard from communities about their high-speed internet priorities. Here is what we heard:

  1. Improve high-speed infrastructure
  2. Increase speed/reliability of internet connection
  3. Make internet service more affordable

Information gathered from the listening tour will go into our Five-Year Action Plan which helps prioritize BEAD funding.  

The OBO has met with thousands of Oklahomans with the goal of ensuring broadband expansion is conducted efficiently and effectively.

Our outreach efforts are just beginning. We continue to engage with citizens, Internet Service Providers, Tribal Governments, and community anchor institutions, including schools, libraries and hospitals.  

For outreach questions, email or call MJ Barton, Tribal & Programs Outreach Manager, at or (405) 517-2393. 

Last Modified on Oct 11, 2023
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