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OMACAMP Stakeholders Assemble for February Meeting

Monday, February 28, 2022

OKLAHOMA CITY (February 28, 2022) - In February, Oklahoma Aeronautics conducted a stakeholder meeting for the OMACAMP project. Stakeholders including OAC, military representatives, and industry and local government partners toured Enel’s Drift Sand Wind energy facility.

OMACAMP (Oklahoma Military Airspace Compatibility Assessment Mapping Portal) is a tool that will show military and other high-use airspaces. The information provided can be used early in project planning and developmental studies in order to minimize the effects of new structures on Oklahoma’s airspace.

The Oklahoma Military Airspace Compatibility Assessment Mapping Portal (OMACAMP) project focuses on ensuring the successful collaboration and cooperation between military installations and the airspace they use with those entities involved in the development of renewable energy and tall structures that may impact military operations. The goal of the project is to develop tools that facilitate early communication between developers and the military installations to protect the airspace, while also allowing the future growth and success of the many industries that want to develop in Oklahoma.

Last Modified on Apr 13, 2023