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Boy Scouts of America Arbuckle Area Council Lands Aviation Education Grant to Earn Aviation Merit Badges

Thursday, August 08, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY –  Thirty-nine organizations were awarded Aerospace and Aviation Education Program grants or contracts totaling over $299,235 from the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission (OAC). The record amount of funds will be used to bring more school-aged children in Oklahoma to STEM careers, particularly those in aerospace and aviation.  The funding was approved by the Commission at their most recent meeting.

The Commission approved an education grant for the Boy Scouts of America Arbuckle Area Council program to be held in the summer of 2020. The funds will allow them to help develop Aviation Merit Badges. Their studies will range from history of aviation to careers in aviation and are designed to build necessary skills in science, technology, engineering and math and to ensure that students are aware that those skills can lead to high demand careers in the field of aviation.

The goal of the Aviation Merit Badge program is to introduce Scouts to aviation and the aviation industry, including: history of aviation, four basic forces of flight, aircraft systems, instrumentation, communication, and navigation. They will also visit aviation facilities, and learn about careers in aviation.  This program will also serve as a precursor for Scouts looking to attain a private pilot's certificate or go into the industry in general. Scouts will be required to:

  1. Define an aircraft, and the forces that act upon it
  2. Explain the functions of all flight controls
  3. Interpret Sectional Charts and plot a course
  4. Research careers opportunities within the aviation industry

It is estimated that 300 students will participate. The requested amount was $2,562 and the approved amount was $1,662.

Grants are for targeted learning programs that have a direct application to aerospace and aviation for primary through post-secondary education. The grant funds are part of the agency’s initiative to give more Oklahoma young people access to STEM careers in the aerospace and aviation industry.

The aerospace and aviation grant program, which has been awarding aviation education grants for over 30 years. Charged with the mission by state statute, the Commission fosters and encourages students to consider aerospace or aviation as a career. The Commission’s grant program has years of positive results. The initiative supports the Oklahoma Works project that aims to address the skills gap and connect students to programs that will help build the workforce of Oklahoma’s second largest industry.

Director of Aeronautics Victor Bird said aerospace supports 240,000 jobs with an average salary of $73,300 annually; “After a two-year study concluded in 2017, we learned that the Aviation and Aerospace sector in Oklahoma supports $43.7 billion in annual statewide economic activity. A competent workforce, which includes our desperate need for aerospace engineers, will be needed to sustain this industry”.

The nationally recognized program enjoys a positive reputation as one of the most robust aviation education programs among state aviation agencies.  Since FY2001, it has awarded over $2.8M in aerospace and aviation education grants.

“The Boy Scouts of America Arbuckle Area Council are a first-time applicant and have the potential to really make a difference in the lives of their scouts.  The exploration of the aviation and aerospace industry may spark them to choose a career in these fields.  We wish them great success and look forward to assisting them in their program,” said Adam Fox, Aviation Program Manager and Aviation Education Coordinator for the Commission.

Last Modified on Apr 13, 2023