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Aeronautics Commission Approves $1.8 Million Grant to Boise City Municipal Airport

Thursday, July 15, 2021

At its meeting on Wednesday, July 14, the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission awarded state grants to several Oklahoma communities for various airport infrastructure projects. The Commission awarded the grants through its five-year Airport Construction Program.

“The Oklahoma Airport System is responsible for $10.6 billion of annual economic activity. It is important to continually advance our state airport system to meet the needs of business and general aviation.  Our core mission is to provide Oklahoma communities with state financial assistance and to guide federal funds to develop and maintain municipal airports,” said State Director of Aeronautics Grayson Ardies. “A gateway to the world for communities across our state, these airports are critical to furthering economic development.”

The grant was made to Boise City Municipal Airport to rehabilitate runway 18/36 and install new LED runway lights. Based on bids, the total project cost was $1,885,786 and was funded with $1,050,000 of federal grant funds, $116,667 of American Rescue Plan Act funds, $683,163 of state grant funds and, $35,956 of sponsor matching funds.  

The commission’s pavement management program forecasted a pavement condition index rating of 59 for runway 04/22 for the year 2021. The runway pavement exhibited medium and low severity longitudinal and transverse cracks and raveling. Since the rating was below 65 (the threshold value below which the pavement experiences rapid deterioration) it was determined to be more cost-effective to rehabilitate the pavement than to let it continue to deteriorate to a condition that will require full-depth reconstruction. It was also determined to be prudent for the airport to install new LED runway lights while the runway is closed.

The aviation and aerospace economic impact study showed the Boise City Municipal Airport has an  annual economic activity of $538,000. The municipal business airports are the backbone of our state’s air transportation system and are located at economic centers across the state. The commission continues to focus the majority of federal and state funding on regional business airports and projects that make significant improvements to the system.

District 27 Senator Casey Murdock of Felt said, “This August, the Boise City airport is commemorating its 75th year serving Cimarron County. This runway rehabilitation will support the aircraft based there, and upgrading the lighting is a much-needed improvement. We are appreciative of this investment in our community’s airport infrastructure.”

The Boise City Municipal Airport plays an important role in supporting local healthcare options. Doctors fly in via the airport to see patients and conduct clinics.  

District 61 Representative Kenton Patzkowsky of Balko said, “Boise City Airport is used by Cimarron Memorial Hospital for the transport of patients, and Apollo MedFlight uses the airport to transport patients in need of medical care. This runway rehabilitation is important to our community's economic vitality and healthcare needs.”

The Airport Construction Program is the method used by the commission to determine where federal and state funds will be invested. These decisions regarding airport development are consistent with achieving the goals laid out in the Oklahoma Airport System Plan. Airports included in the plan are functionally classified as regional business, district or community. 

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