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Aeronautics Commission approves $1.2M Grant to Pauls Valley Municipal Airport

Friday, July 22, 2022

The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission approved a $184 million Airport Construction Program (ACP) for fiscal years 2023-2027, with a total of 85 airport infrastructure projects serving 57 communities throughout Oklahoma.

The State Director of Aeronautics Grayson Ardies stated, “We are very fortunate that our aviation industry is recovering at a record pace in Oklahoma and these investments will ensure that we continue on our upward trajectory. With the state’s leaders investing even more into airport infrastructure our ACP will undergo changes in the upcoming months and years.  We will have the opportunity to invest in new hangars, more terminal buildings and other infrastructure upgrades that will allow our airports to attract new businesses and companies.”

The Commission approved a state grant for a project identified in the Commission’s Airport Construction Program at Pauls Valley Municipal Airport. The project consists of constructing a 100’ x 100’ hangar as part of the 2022 Statewide Hangar Grant Program which will spur economic development and increase capacity for based and transient aircraft storage at the airport.

Based on bids, the total project cost was $1,179,747 and was funded with $770,000 of federal grant funds, $68,888 of ARPA funds, $300,000 of state grant funds, and $40,859 of sponsor matching funds.

As a result of its central location in the United States, Oklahoma is designated as the oil delivery point in the country. Oklahoma has almost 1,000 miles of pipelines. From a safety standpoint, it is imperative that pipelines be monitored on a routine basis. It is far more economical and efficient to conduct inspections from the air using general aviation aircraft. The airport is often used as a location for pipeline inspection companies to base and refuel their aircraft. The aviation and aerospace economic impact study showed Pauls Valley Municipal Airport has an annual economic activity of $5.2 million.

Through its ACP, the Commission determines funding for airport projects at the 104 general aviation airports across Oklahoma.  While projects are prioritized based on safety, standards, pavement preservation and being aviation business ready, the overall Oklahoma Airport System Plan (OASP) that is approved by the Commission is the long-term planning tool used to identify the network of airports and the infrastructure requirements needed to serve the state. The OASP identifies airports by their functional capabilities and services they provide to the aviation community at large. The ACP allows the Commission, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and airport sponsors to anticipate airport funding needs and accommodate changes in project scope, cost, and schedule based on multi-year planning.

Last Modified on Apr 13, 2023