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Tips for Consumers

When To Look At A Car:
Looking for a prospective vehicle to purchase is best done on a clear, dry day. There are many flaws which do not show up under evening or night time lighting or when there is water on the vehicle, such as hail damage, door dings, repainting, etc. Inspection of a vehicle needs to be thorough and is best done when there is adequate time and favorable conditions to inspect the vehicle on the lot and test drive the vehicle on the road.

Always Test Drive The Vehicle:
Do not be hesitant to drive the vehicle as much as you believe is necessary to satisfy yourself of the condition of the vehicle. Just don’t expect the dealer to let you drive it to California before you commit to buy it.

Mechanical Inspection:
Take your prospective purchase to the mechanic of your choice if you desire.

"AS IS"?
If you buy a vehicle "AS IS" you are purchasing it with all its faults, whether you are aware of them or not. The seller is making no representations about the condition of the vehicle. In other words, "Buyer Beware!"

Get It In Writing:
Paperwork may be a pain when you are hot to buy wheels, but do it anyway. Do not sign any contract or form if it is not completely filled out with only the terms you have agreed to. Understand that if it is not in writing, you have no way of proving that it was part of the bargain. Anything that is part of the reason or basis of your bargain needs to be in the contract. Most dealers use a "WE OWE" form for anything they commit to do or provide before or after delivery of the vehicle. The dealer may be your brother, but he may want to disown you when you start complaining that you didn’t get what you thought you were buying.

Don’t Get In A Hurry:

Take the time you need to satisfy yourself that everything you are concerned about has been addressed before you make the final decision to purchase the vehicle and sign the contracts. There is NO "72 Hour Rescission" or cooling off period in which you may take the vehicle back if you decide you don’t want it. When you sign the contract you are bound by it.

Ask To See The Title:

Ask to see the title to the vehicle you are buying. There are several types of certificates of title to a vehicle. They include a green title, which is the type you will normally see, an orange title, which is for a "rebuilt" vehicle, a red title for a salvage vehicle, and a blue title for a "junk" vehicle. The red or a blue title are for non roadworthy vehicles. The dealer is required to disclose the type of title you will receive unless it is a green title with no special notations.

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