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Frequently Asked Questions

A SBS is a Department of Human Services employee hired through a partnership with the school district. The SBS interacts with students, parents, school personnel, and community agencies and is part of the school's team. The SBS has an office in the partnering school and works directly with students and their families, providing an array of preventive and identified service needs, including OKDHS services. 

School-Based Specialists (SBS) help maintain a positive collaboration with school personnel and Oklahoma Human Services to communicate and support the needs of children and families when obstacles hinder the success of the student and the family. SBS are readily accessible to students and their families during periods requiring intervention. SBS make a significant impact on the well-being of their communities, improving outcomes, and reducing risk factors for the families they serve. Oklahoma Human Services School-Based Specialists are not Oklahoma Human Services Child Protection Services Investigators.

School-Based Specialists (SBS) are extensions of the partnering school and serve as liaisons between school officials and OKDHS. The SBS may be able to offer support to you and your family when faced with a challenge by linking you to community resources and services. Some of those direct services may include TANF, SNAP, medical, dental, and vision assistance. The SBS may also connect you to housing and utility assistance, health and parent education, counseling services, and substance abuse services. School-Based Specialists may help your student stay on track educationally while guiding your student through out-of-classroom obstacles that would affect their success in the classroom. 

A current list of Schools with the contact information of the School Based Specialist is listed in the Contact Us tab.

Last Modified on Jan 25, 2024
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