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Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up or establishing paternity is the legal process used to show who is the legal father of a child.

One way to establish paternity is for the mother and father to complete the Acknowledgment of Paternity (03PA209E) form.

When a child is born to parents who are not married to each other, hospitals must give an Acknowledgment of Paternity (03PA209E) form to the parents. The hospitals must also give paperwork and tell the parents of their rights and duties when establishing paternity. The Acknowledgment of Paternity (03PA209E) form can also be found at the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Division of Vital Records, county health departments, Oklahoma Department of Human Services offices, and child support offices. An Acknowledgment of Paternity (03PA209E) form is available online.

Yes. A minor parent has 60 days after they turn 18 to rescind the Acknowledgment.

If either the mother or father has any doubts about who the father is, they should get DNA testing done instead of signing the Acknowledgment of Paternity (03PA209E) form. DO NOT sign the form unless you are SURE about who the father is.

Either the mother or father can go to their local child support office and open a child support case to establish paternity. There is no cost to open a case. If the test is positive, the father will be required to pay the State back for the cost of the testing. This cost of state testing is much less than a private DNA test.  

Yes, there are many reasons to establish paternity. The child will know their social identity and family medical history, and they could also get health care coverage, Social Security and military benefits and inheritance

No. Under Oklahoma law, the mother is presumed to have sole custody of a child born outside of marriage. The child’s mother and father can agree upon visitation, and the child’s father has a right to go to court to seek visitation.

The most common way is the painless Buccal Swab Specimen Collection. This way is done by rubbing the inside of the mouth with a cotton swab to collect DNA material. The swabs are labeled and then sent to a lab for DNA testing. The DNA tests used are really reliable with most results coming back at 99.9 percent. If the results are at least 99 percent, a judge will say a man is the father. In rare cases a blood specimen may be needed.

In many cases, the parents still set up paternity using the Acknowledgment of Paternity (03PA209E)  form. Either parent can also open a case with child support to establish paternity. Parents can also file an action in district court privately. The parents will have the chance to admit paternity or do DNA testing. To request an application for services, or to get more information, call the Child Support Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-522-2922.

It can take four to six weeks for the results to be received and mailed to you.

Yes. Testing can still be done if there is DNA available such as a blood or tissue sample of the late parent. Also, testing can be done if the late parent's relatives are alive and willing to submit to DNA testing. Contact your case worker and tell him or her of your special situation.

DNA testing can be completed even if the mother and father live in different places.

There are a few ways to get a copy of the Acknowledgement of Paternity form. If the child was born in Oklahoma, a copy is on file, along with the birth certificate, at the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Division of Vital Records (DVR). Parents who signed the form may call the DVR at (405) 271-4040 or email

You may also mail, fax, or email a request to the CSS Paternity Acknowledgment Section

CSS Paternity Acknowledgment Section
P.O. Box 248843
Oklahoma City, OK 73124

Fax: (405) 325-7141, Attention: CSS Paternity Acknowledgment Section
Email: *

The request must include:

  • the name and SSN of either the mother or father;
  • the child's name, date of birth, and place of birth;
  • the approximate date the acknowledgment form was signed; and
  • the address where the copy is to be sent.

Please note on the request if you need a certified copy for evidentiary purposes.

The request must be signed by:

  • the mother or father as shown on the acknowledgment form,
  • their attorney, or
  • an employee of a IV-D Child Support Office.

For more information on paternity and the acknowledgment of paternity form, please visit the information for hospitals page.

For more information, call the Child Support Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-522-2922.