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340:25-5-124.1. Transfer of administrative establishment case to another district child support office

Revised 7-1-06

(a) A child support office determines the district office to which an administrative establishment case should be assigned according to OAC 340:25-5-124

(b) A district office transfers an administrative establishment case to another office according to (c) of this Section if:

(1) the case is assigned to the wrong child support office; or

(2) the custodial person moves to a county outside the original office's service area.

(c) The original office immediately transfers, rather than dismisses, an administrative establishment court action to the new district office if the original office has not obtained service of process on the noncustodial parent.  • 1  If service has been obtained, the original office completes any administrative case litigation before transferring the case to the new district office.  • 2

Revised 9-15-22

1.  Transfers.

(1) The Office of Administrative Hearings:  Child Support (OAH), Oklahoma Human Services, has statewide jurisdiction.  Administrative establishment court actions are transferred rather than dismissed.  Under Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:2-28-26, an OAH transfer order is obtained or required before a case is transferred to another district office so the county designation may be changed on OAH records.

(2) When service of process on the noncustodial parent has not been obtained, the sending office transfers the case to the correct office.  The receiving office completes all required actions on the case and dockets the order in district court.

2.  (a) Administrative case litigation completion includes obtaining a certified copy of the court order and completing all Oklahoma Support Information System (OSIS) computer system updates connected with that administrative court action.

(b) The sending office does not docket the administrative establishment order in district court after completing litigation.  The receiving office dockets the case in its district court.  The case remains in the receiving office permanently, unless the custodial person moves out-of-state and opens a case in the new state.

(c) The sending office completes the electronic case transfer, per OAC 340:25-5-124 Instructions to Staff #8 and 9.  Explanation of transfer is documented on the OSIS Case Log Add (CSLOGA) screen.

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