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DHSIRB Members

The DHSIRB is comprised of at least seven members. DHSIRB members are approved by the Director of Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS).  Members are recruited or selected from various units within OKDHS, including: Office of Client Advocacy (OCA); Legal Services; Child Welfare Services; Children's Services; Adult and Family Services; Adult Services; Information Security; and Innovation Services.  

The DHSIRB also includes at least one member who is not otherwise affiliated with OKDHS.

Prior to serving, members are required to complete Human Subject Assurance Training, offered by the federal Office for Human Research Protections.  Members are also required to sign an acknowledgement of receipt and review of the DHSIRB Rules.

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Members: Wendy MortonDHSIRB Chair
Researcher III, OKDHS Innovation Services

Tosha Robinson, Administrative Support
Researcher III, OKDHS Innovation Services

Ronald Baze, DHSIRB Vice-Chair
General Counsel, OKDHS Legal Services

Charles Jackson (Alternate – Legal Services)
Assistant General Counsel, OKDHS Legal Services

Angela Mazza
Program Administrator, Investigations, OKDHS Office of Client Advocacy

Daniel Comer (Alternate – Client Advocacy)
Programs Administrator, Advocacy/Ombudsman, OKDHS Office of Client Advocacy

Molly Green
Information Security Administrator, Information Security Unit, OKDHS Office of Inspector General

Deborah Whitley (Alternate – Inspector General)
Quality Audit Administrator, Administrative Review Unit, OKDHS Office of Inspector General

Jeromy Buchanan
Director, Community Living, Aging, and Protective Services

Beth Scrutchins (Alternate – Developmental Disabilities Services)
Director, OKDHS Developmental Disabilities Services

Jennifer King
Chief of Programs  

Brittany Lee
Director, OKDHS Child Care Services

Kevin Haddock
Finance and Business Operations Administrator, OKDHS Child Welfare Services  

Esther Rider-Salem (Alternate – Child Welfare)
Programs Administrator, OKDHS Child Welfare Services  

Linda Cavitt
Deputy Director, Programs, OKDHS Adult and Family Services  

Sondra Shelby (Alternate – Adult and Family Services)
Deputy Director, Business Process, OKDHS Adult and Family Services

Dawnett Watkins, CIP
IRB Manager, Oklahoma State University

Amber Hood, MS, CPIA, CIP (Alternate – OSU)
Director, Regulatory Compliance and Research Facilities, OSU Center for Health Sciences

Tommi Ledoux (Member at Large)
Director, OKDHS Human Resource Management

Last Modified on May 19, 2022
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