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Electronic submissions must be sent to

An investigator proposing to initiate a research project involving the use of human participants or seeking to continue a research project must submit Form 20AD084E, DHSIRB Application and Instructions, to DHSIRB for review and approval.

An application must include both Form 20AD084E and the research description or a brief report on the status of the project.  All DHSIRB application documents, including the Information for the DHSIRB Applicant, Application and Instructions, Generic Consent Form, Generic Short Consent Form, and Assent Forms are listed below.

Depending on the specific details of the proposed research, supplemental forms and approvals may be required. All supporting materials must be attached to the application. Common supporting materials include:  the interview or survey instrument, verbal scripts, recruitment fliers, and translations. 

0AD085E Application and Instructions
20AD084E Information for DHSIRB Applicant
20AD086E Generic Consent Form
20AD087E Generic Short Consent Form
20AD088E Generic Assent Form


Last Modified on Dec 15, 2020
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