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School Bus Driver

Job Description

Most every school district in Oklahoma hires school bus drivers, and public schools are often among the largest employers in any town or city. Bus drivers may work part time or full time allowing flexibility to the employee. School bus drivers work only when schools are in session. This job is a good fit for applicants with gaps in employment. It works well as an entry-level job or for someone returning to the workforce.

Job Duties

  • Master route and bus stop information
  • Pickup and drop off children morning and evening
  • Drivestudents to/from field trips and athletic events
  • Maintain safety inside and outside the bus
  • Communicate with superiors and report problems

Education and Experience

Most school bus drivers must have a high-school diploma. Some positions require one yearʼs experience. All drivers must possess a commercial drivers license. Additional classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction may be required by the employer.

Career Progression

School bus drivers may promote to a supervisor who coordinates the activities of several school bus drivers. School bus drivers may drive interstate bus routes, or they may become commercial truck drivers.


A metropolitan Oklahoma school district pays full-time bus drivers $16.36 to $22.42 per hour.


(Information for this article was taken from and the website of a metropolitan Oklahoma school district.)

Last Modified on Mar 15, 2023
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