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About ODC

Representing the Concerns of Oklahomans with disabilities

The Office of Disability Concerns ( ODC ) provides accurate and timely information, referral and advocacy.  We act as an intermediary to persons with disabilities and provide services for those with disabilities.

Statutory Reference

ODC serves as a resource, to people with disabilities, who want to present their views and recommendations to the Governor, the State Legislature and State agencies.

The Office of Disability Concerns has the following powers and duties

  1. To identify the needs of people with disabilities on a continuing basis and to attempt to meet those needs.
  2. To serve as a referral and information source for people with disabilities seeking services and for agencies seeking assistance in their provision of services.
  3. To generate community awareness and support of programs for people with disabilities.
  4. To advise and assist the Governor and Legislature in developing policies to meet the needs of citizens with disabilities.
  5. To assist agencies in complying with federal laws.
  6. To enhance employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Consumer Involvement

Oklahomans, with disabilities themselves, advise ODC in setting goals and developing programs. By law, one half of the members of OHC's Advisory Committee are people with disabilities or the parents of individuals with disabilities.

ODC Programs

ODC has several different programs that may be of interest to you, if you are:

  • A person with a disability
  • Related to a person with disability
  • A state agency
  • An organization or business
  • An interested individual

Look into each one below:

Information and Referral

Technical Assistance

Employment Promotion

Client Assistance Program

Committee meeting notices

ODC Diversity Policy

Last Modified on Mar 30, 2023
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