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NOW is the time to launch your next innovative product or project!   What's that?  You just don't have the right idea or someone to implement your idea?  OCAST can give you access to the brightest young minds in Oklahoma, who will not only bring ideas to your business, but add much needed workforce. Through the OCAST Intern Partnership, we provide matching funds for the internship so you can add them to your project and move your company forward.  Ready for some fresh ideas?  Interested in an extra employee?   Keep reading...  

We provide funding to companies hiring undergraduate and/or graduate student interns to participate in innovative industry projects. We fund student intern projects within the targeted industries identified in the 2021-2026 Science and Innovation Strategic Plan, of biotechnology, aerospace, autonomous systems and defense, and energy diversification. Applicants may request up to $30,000 each year for a period of two years for proposed projects.

**Effective 1/1/2022, start dates for program awards cannot be delayed more than 60 days and requests for delayed start dates will only be considered if there is a compelling reason such as an unavoidable delay in securing IRB approval, the principal investigator/project manager is unavoidably detained on another project, unavoidable material shortages, etc.  Additionally no-cost extensions to award contracts, including no cost extensions, cannot be permitted for more than 90 days.

Intern Benefit: Projects provide a hands-on, applied experience, introduce the intern to employment opportunities within your company and industry, and immerse the intern into the business culture of the company.

The most competitive applications show high potential for student interns (1) to become acquainted with prospective employers and learn that there are career opportunities in Oklahoma on par with any in the nation, (2) to become better prepared for the workforce and (3) to be encouraged to seek permanent employment in the state.

Impact: Oklahoma benefits directly from having a pool of highly qualified pool of STEM employees to meet Oklahoma’s  technology workforce demands. Having a strong, highly educated STEM workforce is vital to driving innovation, economic growth, competitiveness, and to increasing the overall standard of living in Oklahoma.

Innovation / Company Benefit: Oklahoma companies have the opportunity to become acquainted with prospective employees, interface with academic institutions on workforce needs and encourage interns to remain in Oklahoma and for those who pursue advanced degrees to remain in the state  and for those seeking further education outside the state to return to Oklahoma following graduation. Projects have the potential to benefit your company and contribute to innovation in your industry or make a difference in people’s lives.


  • Must be undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled in an Oklahoma-based college or university (CareerTech students concurrently enrolled in college programs are also eligible)
  • Are students majoring in STEM-based disciplines, including natural sciences, computer science, materials science, engineering, biomedical/biotechnical, data analytics, finance/mathematics, or a support area related to building successful Oklahoma high-tech companies



  • Must involve tasks and objectives beyond day-to-day operational activities
  • Lead to innovation, new knowledge or technology that will benefit the company
  • Produce a measurable result and provide a positive impact to the company



  • Must be an Oklahoma-based company, institute of higher education, or non-profit research organization
  • Should include a Project Manager and Mentor (Project Managers can also serve as Mentors); advanced degrees are not required.

Next application submission period opens on August 29, 2022 and closes September 26, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. CDT.

Initiate an application on Oklahoma Grant Exchange OGX Portal

Visit the Oklahoma Grant Exchange FAQ

Refer to the Intern Partnerships Funding Opportunity Announcement for detailed application information, contractual requirements, and program information.

Last Modified on May 31, 2022