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Oklahoma Grant Exchange - OGX Overview

OCAST has partnered with the Office of Management and Enterprise Services and other state agencies to develop a process by which Oklahoma universities, non-profit research organizations and private companies may apply for and manage research funding Online. Called OGX, this new Online grants management system replaces the previous older system, OKGrants. Agate Software Inc. is the software development company in East Lansing, Michigan, responsible for developing, implementing and updating OGX.Please Note: All OCAST funding opportunities are managed entirely through OGX.

Through OGX you may:

Clients are able to complete and submit the application Online, attach files and obtain appropriate administrative approvals. Clients no longer need to travel to the Oklahoma City or Tulsa offices to hand deliver applications before a deadline. Instead, simply click a button from home or office to submit an application.

Clients may submit requests for payment, view the status of each request and track all financial actions and payments made on their funded projects.

Manage OCAST funding award – Progress reports can be submitted, forwarded to reviewers and evaluated Online. Contract modifications can be submitted and processed, all Online and in a much more efficient and faster manner than using a paper process.

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Last Modified on Nov 29, 2022
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