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Anyone interested in applying for the position of Public Information Officer must submit a job application along with a cover letter and resume to Elaine Spell at no later than close of business on July 2, 2021. You may also submit your resume by US mail, fax to 405-319-8426 or deliver in-person. Applications are available on the OCAST website,, or by calling 405-319-8400. Interviews and selection will be conducted through July 16, 2021, and the selected applicant will have a start date of August 2, 2021.

Unclassified: Job Code 5582 with full state benefits
County Location: Oklahoma County
Date Opened: June 22, 2021
Filing Deadline: July 2, 2021 by 5pm
Salary range: $45,000 - $65,000 commensurate with education and experience
Full-time: 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday

Positions in this job family are responsible for researching, writing and editing various materials for media, and presenting information for a state agency.

We are seeking a public information officer to be responsible for developing media strategies that promote a positive public image, organize promotional opportunities and interviews and manage public relations.

To be successful as a public information officer, you should have superior communication skills, both written and verbal. Top candidates will also be very media savvy and detail oriented.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. In coordination with the Director of Government Relations and Strategic Initiatives, the PIO initiates and oversees the establishment of integrated strategies, plans and programs designed to ensure that all communication and public relations efforts are cohesive, consistent and effective in supporting the mission to advance the goals of the agency.
  2. Plans, develops, directs and coordinates comprehensive communication programs, to include media, public affairs and publications, in close collaboration with strategic partners and other state agencies as directed. Also coordinates major public relations or advertising campaigns for the agency.
  3. Provides direct and proactive consultation and assistance to agency directors, as well as the innovation partners, regarding public information matters, to include providing direct assistance in researching, providing information and developing messaging.
  4. Prepare press releases, speeches, articles, social media posts, newsletters, brochures, web pages and other materials for public consumption.
  5. May serve as the spokesperson for the organization and its partners, if applicable.
  6. Help maintain and uphold an image of excellence for the government agency.
  7. Respond to requests for information from media outlets.
  8. Serves as photographer and videographer for the agency with editing capabilities.
  9. Coordinates surveys, evaluations and assessments of external communications activities to determine the effectiveness of the organization's communications plans.
  10. Assures quality and appropriateness of agency communication programs and initiatives, whether internally or externally produced.
  11. May represent the agency at various events for governmental agencies and the public.
  12. Establishes and implements short- and long-range communication goals, objectives, strategic plans and operating procedures; monitors and evaluates communication effectiveness; and effects changes required for improvement.
  13. May develop and manage annual mixed media communication operating budget.
  14. Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree; at least 5 years of professional experience in marketing, advertising or public relations directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified.
  • Completed degree(s) from an accredited institution that are above the minimum education requirement may be considered as a substitution for experience.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Ability to establish and implement cohesive communication and public relations strategies and plans.
  • Technical skills for visual graphics and video techniques including editing techniques and procedures.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the mission, goals and objectives.
  • Strong strategic multimedia communication planning.
  • Knowledge of communication principles, media and public relations techniques.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and community relations skills and the ability to communicate and work effectively within a diverse community.
  • Ability to analyze complex problems, interpret operational needs and develop integrated, creative solutions for agency communications.
  • Skill in budget planning and fiscal management.
  • Ability to use independent judgment and to gather, manage and impart information to the media and various other internal and external audiences.
  • Experience communicating with the press and other media outlets.
  • Strong knowledge of local and regional media contacts and/or a proven ability to develop such relationships quickly.
  • Ability to provide effective advice and counsel on strategic and/or critical communication issues and to exercise effective judgement.
  • Ability to write executive-level communications for internal and external audiences.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality.

Conditions of Employment

  • Applicant must have working knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud – Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe Experience Manager, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Microsoft suite and all social media platforms.


Anyone interested in applying for the position of Programs Officer IV must submit a job application along with a cover letter and resume to Elaine Spell at no later than close of business on August 31, 2021. You may also submit your resume by US mail, fax to 405-319-8426 or deliver in-person. Applications are available on the OCAST website,, or by calling 405-319-8400. 

Unclassified: Job Code 9739, with full state benefits
County Location: Oklahoma County
Date Opened: June 24, 2021
Filing Deadline: August 31, 2021 by 5 pm
Salary range: $50,000 - $70,000 commensurate with education and experience
Full-time: 40 Hours per week, Monday through Friday

Definition: Functioning independently with limited supervision, develop and maintain partnerships and coalitions with public, private and academic organizations in support of the agency's mission, goals and program needs, specifically in Oklahoma City and southern Oklahoma. Participate in the concept, design, implementation and operation of new programs and activities. Initiate and support outreach activities as a part of the agency's overall outreach plan. Communicate the use and benefit of OCAST programs and services and those of the agency's partner organizations to businesses, economic development organizations, research institutions and interested parties. Manage the agency’s programs and services and assist with determining program goals and objectives in coordination with the respective program advisory committees, OCAST management, staff and stakeholders to ensure program intent, goals and objectives are met.

Examples of Work Performed

  1. Support operation of the portfolio of OCAST programs and services.  Assist with determining program goals and objectives and work with the Programs Advisory Committees, OCAST management and other agency staff to ensure program intent, goals and objectives are met.   Oversee peer review activities of programs including but not limited to:
    1. Developing, reviewing and distribution of program Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA)
    2. Coordinating activities with other staff and agency management
    3. Developing and conducting workshops and/or webinars pertaining to assigned programs including all required materials as necessary
    4. Developing and maintaining a pool of application reviewers for programs in accordance with approved policies and procedures
    5. Coordinating all associated activities related to Programs Advisory Committees
    6. Organizing all activities related to the peer reviews
    7. Conducting peer reviews
    8. Participating in any post-review processing including creating technical summaries for OCAST’s Board of Director of applications recommended for award through the peer review process
    9. Soliciting feedback from reviewers and OCAST staff regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of the review process
    10. Making recommendations for, then developing and implementing improvements to programs to meet changing mission parameters and client needs
    11. Reviewing, updating and assisting the implementation of marketing plans for assigned programs when called upon to do so
  2. Create and implement new partnerships and coalitions involving industry, research institutions and non-profit foundations in support of the agency’s mission, goals and program needs, specifically in support of Oklahoma City and southern Oklahoma.
    1. Disseminate information about OCAST programs and services
    2. Support economic development initiatives in Oklahoma City and southern Oklahoma through the application of OCAST programs and services
    3. Support the implementation of the goals and objectives of the Oklahoma Science and Innovation Strategic Plan
    4. Remain current with the objectives of the agency with special interest paid to any political/legislative sensitivities
    5. Coordinate all partnership/coalition building activities with OCAST leadership team prior to initiating such activities
    6. Establish working relationships with Oklahoma economic development organizations to help achieve OCAST’s mission of technology-based economic development
    7. Support agency needs for technology forecasting and strategic initiatives
  3. Provide agency oversight for partnerships and coalitions
    1. Review, at least quarterly, the progress and outcomes of the partnerships and coalitions in Oklahoma City and southern Oklahoma
    2. Ensure the intended purpose and objectives are met and are progressing according to plan and schedule
    3. In cooperation with OCAST management, represent the agency at community and area functions
    4. Provide quarterly activity reports for the partnerships and coalitions
  4. Participate in agency outreach activities and support development of new outreach initiatives
    1. Represent OCAST at local, state and national events as directed

Job Skills: Experienced in database management and with the Microsoft Office 365, particularly Access, Word and Excel.  Familiarity with research and development funding programs and related activities, skill in establishing and maintaining working relationships with others and in dealing effectively with the public as well as knowledge. Experience working with Higher Education, technology-based business and advanced manufacturing strongly preferred.

Education and Experience: Four-year degree required preferably in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) field plus at least two years’ experience in STEM activities or working with high-tech businesses or the research community.  An advanced degree is preferred.



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