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Business Plan

OCAST continually strives to increase the impact of its programs in assisting industry and the research community to grow Oklahoma’s economy through science and technology. Ongoing efforts to achieve this goal include pursuing additional funding through grants, cooperative agreements and other opportunities to realize its mission and enhance its core programs; working to achieve an OCAST appropriation sufficient to meet market demand for technology-based economic development programs and support, as defined by OCAST’s advisory committees, affiliate organizations, clients, stakeholders and board; reviewing OCAST programs for potential updates, modifications and opportunities to further streamline program operations.

Fiscal Year 2023 Business Plan
Fiscal Year 2022 Business Plan

OCAST Impact Reports

OCAST each year conducts an extensive data search of its research projects dating back to 1987, and combines the latest numbers with previous experience to develop a cumulative impact. That impact number to date is $24 returned to the state for every dollar Oklahoma has invested through OCAST since its beginnings in 1987. The current and previous years' Impact Reports are below:

2022 OCAST Impact Report
2021 OCAST Impact Report
2020 OCAST Impact Report
2019 OCAST Impact Report
2018 OCAST Impact Report / FY2017 Impact Flyer
2017 OCAST Impact Report

OCAST Strategic Plan

OCAST's FY 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, along with Oklahoma's 2021-2026 Science and Innovation Strategic Plan, is a path to innovation, job growth and increasing the state’s ability to compete in the global knowledge economy.

FY 2021-2026 Strategic Plan
2021-2026 Science & Innovation Strategic Plan 

OCAST Audit Reports

Other Reports

Report of the Governor’s Oklahoma Unmanned Aerial Systems Council
A Strategic Plan for the Development of an Unmanned Aerial Systems Enterprise in the State of Oklahoma

SRI Report: Invest / Evaluate / Communicate
2012 assessment of the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology’s role in Oklahoma’s technology-based economic development ecosystem

2020 Health Research Projects
Fiscal Year 2020 Health Research Project Infographics 

2019 Intern Projects
Fiscal Year 2019 Intern Partnerships Projects

2018 OARS Projects
Fiscal Year 2018 Oklahoma Applied Research Support Projects

2018 Health Research Projects
Fiscal Year 2018 Health Research Projects

2018 Plant Projects
Fiscal Year 2018 Plant Science Research Projects


Last Modified on Nov 29, 2022
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