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Why Innovation Matters In Oklahoma

Innovation matters in Oklahoma. Oklahomans have a rich history of innovating in times of disruption. And today is one of those moments. Innovation is what propels our state forward, accelerates economic growth and solves society’s most challenging problems. Biotechnology, aerospace, and energy diversification advances are fueling Oklahoma’s innovation setting the stage for a new decade of advancement with new discoveries, products and services.

By leading and investing in innovation, Oklahoma will grow our economy, create new products and businesses that can provide Oklahomans with high-paying jobs, and accelerate our state’s competitiveness. That’s why the Office of Science and Innovation is dedicated to harnessing the power of ideation and Oklahoma’s pioneering spirit to propel Oklahoma to a TOP TEN for science and technology.

Oklahoma’s 2021-2026 Science and Innovation Strategic Plan is available to download.  

Why Oklahoma?

This is a new era in Oklahoma, one that embraces innovation, science and technology, and leverages on our state’s unique assets to make Oklahoma a Top Ten state for innovation.

Oklahoma is home to an expanding innovation ecosystem. There’s a confluence of forces within state leadership, industry, and the philanthropic community to grow Oklahoma’s innovation economy.

Oklahoma has a commitment to creating an environment that embraces and nurtures innovative thinking.

What is OCAST?

The Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) is the state's agency for technology-based economic development. We are a results-driven, high-performing organization that increases research activity and public/private partnerships leading to innovation in the core tech sectors most important to Oklahoma's economy, including Aerospace - Defense and Autonomous, Biotechnology and Life Sciences, and Energy Diversification. This results in new businesses, job growth, higher wages, and an improved quality of life for the citizens of Oklahoma.

FY2023 OCAST Annual Innovation Report

The FY2023 OCAST Annual Innovation Report provides valuable insights into the transformative impact of strategic investments in technology and innovation. This report highlights the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship nurtured by OCAST. Discover compelling stories in the "Innovation in Action" section, showcasing groundbreaking startups and established enterprises that have received crucial funding and support from OCAST.

OCAST Impact


Listen to Innovate That podcast, hosted by Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinell

Oklahoma Innovators

Learn more about the partners and companies that comprise Oklahoma's Innovation Ecosystem.

OCAST Intern Partnership with Embeddetech
OCAST Intern Partnership with CymStar
Last Modified on Jun 28, 2024