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OARS Tip #1: Your OGX Account

By Jessica Stewart
Wednesday, August 31, 2022

By Jessica Stewart, Client Services Manager

The OCAST Oklahoma Applied Research Support and Intern Partnerships application cycle dates are getting closer and closer. (Mark your calendar: August 29!)

As such, I'm going to be sharing a few tips and reminders for a successful application. (Sorry folks who follow me who aren't applying to OCAST programs!)

Tip No. 1: Check (or create) your Oklahoma Grant Exchange (OGX) account.

✔ If you're already registered for your OGX account, double check to ensure your login is active and you remember your password (or reset it!).

✔ Need to create an account? Register at Your initial registration will be for an Agency Administrator. You must also have a Project Lead/Authorized Official role within your organization. Reach out if you have questions and we'll help.

✔ Become comfortable with the application budget entry forms once the application is available. These are typically the forms that trip up folks last minute and cause delays in successful submission of the application.

✔ As a reminder to our faculty researchers, if you are a university faculty accessing OGX for the first time to apply for Health Research or Health PostDoc Fellowship, contact your sponsored research office for instructions. A designated university staff member typically has the Agency Administrator role and will be able to add you to the system. We are unable to add university members to OGX.

Find more answers to frequently asked questions about OGX and the application process HERE.

Last Modified on Aug 31, 2022