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The following XXXXCM Forms are in-the-process of being revised and not available individually OR in the zip file packets. Please email OBPVS for the existing (out-dated) Forms until the revised Forms become available.

New License Applicants & Licensed Schools Forms

  • New License Applicant Packet
  • New License Fee Schedule
  • Licensed School Packet
  • XXXXCM - Application Instructions
  • XXXXCM - [Main] New Seminar/New School, or New Branch Application Form
  • 1100CM - Course Information Form
  • 1130CM - List of Instructors (Current or Proposed)
  • 1140CM - Instructor Qualification Record and Assignments
  • 1145CM - Instructor Assignement Additions/Deletions
  • 1155CM - Supplemental Information (Felony Record)
  • 1160CM - Private School Bond
  • 1170CM - Collateral Agreement Governoing C.D. 
  • 1180CM - Application for Private Solicitor License
  • 1190CM - Citizenship/Qualified Alien Affidavits
  • 1210CM - Catalog Checklist
  • 1220CM - Enrollment Agreement Checklist
  • 1380CM - Attestation for Compilation-type Financial Statements
  • 1390CM - Compilation of Rules
  • 1480CM - Remittance Advice for Payments

Relicensing School/Seminar Forms

Mid-Year Licensed School Forms

  • Mid-Year Licensed School Packet
  • 1100CM - Course Information Form
  • 1140CM - Instructor Qualification Record and Assignments
  • 1145CM - Instructor Assignement Additions/Deletions
  • 1150CM - Director/Authorized Administrative Official Qualifications Record
  • 1155CM - Supplemental Information (Felony Record)
  • 1180CM - Application for Private Solicitor License
  • 1190CM - Citizenship/Qualified Alien Affidavits
  • 1210CM - Catalog Checklist
  • 1220CM - Enrollment Agreement Checklist
  • 1280CM - Course Outline Hours
  • 1330CM - Enabling Statute
  • 1390CM - Compilation of Rules
  • 1410CM - Location of Student Records For a Closed School

Oklahoma Works Critical Occupations and Data

Following Governor Fallin's term as the chairman of the National Governors Association and its America Works Initiative, Oklahoma Works was formally rolled-out during the Governor's 2015 State of the State address. The OBPVS then began to collect additional data from the schools the agency licenses using SOC (Standard Occupational Classification, by the Bureau of Labor Statistics within the U.S. Department of Labor) or CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs by the National Center for Education Statistics within the U.S. Department of Education) Codes. Crosswalks exist to rapidly convert one code to the other. 

Visit the US Dept. of Labor SOC to learn more about SOC Codes, view a list, or access the Crosswalk. 

The coding is significant, because the State of Oklahoma identified Critical Occupations vital to the lines of employment. Hence, education and employment were formally linked together to enhance workforce development. The original 2014 listing of Critical Occupations predicted available employment in 2020 where 2016's identified occupations extend to the year 2025. Education is important to train people for the jobs that will be available. 

Through education the Skills Gap (a difference between the training accomplished by individuals and the forecast available jobs) may be reduced.

To date, the OBPVS has collected data twice from the sub-set of licensed Schools that were already internally collecting data, by SOC or CIP Code. For both the 2016/2017 enrollment periods, data was reported by twenty-two (22) schools by SOC Code. On the two enrollment years' data reports, a field on the table that is in white (absent of color) identifies the exact education level specified for each individual Critical Occupation.

Critical Occupations Graduate and Enrollment Data

The OBPVS began analyzing workforce development data from licensed schools for the 2016/2017 School Year. In 2016, an OBPVS added a Data Rule to facilitate data acquisiton by CIP Code and other identifiers. The OBPVS' latest published report, OBPVS Enrollment and Graduation, is available to download by clicking here.

If Workforce Development is of interest to you, please be sure and review the information available throughout this page.

Last Modified on Oct 25, 2023
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