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Licensed Schools

FAQs for Licensed Schools

The Frequently Asked Questions section of the website and corresponding answers are intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be legal advice nor should be considered such, neither is it intended to be an exhaustive reference on OBPVS laws.

Forms to Apply as Licensed Schools


Useful Resources

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Form Tips

To decide what Forms to use and when, depends on when an activity is due or needs to take place. Forms for Licensed Schools are grouped as Relicensing or Mid-Year Forms. Relicensing relates to the June 1st annual due date. At Relicensing, it is not necessary to submit the following:

        1. Original Instructor Qualification Form Sets 1140CM/1145CM/1155CM *
        2. Original Director/AAO Form Sets 1150CM and 1155CM *
        3. A Catalog (or its Checklist Form or a Form 1280CM) **
        4. An Enrollment Agreement (or its Checklist Form), ** and
        5. Updated Citizenship Affidavits, Option #1 (although Qualified Aliens, Option #2, must be refiled yearly)

In contrast, Mid-Year is any time other than for the June 1st due date. When a Mid-Year activity takes place . . . it is at the School's discretion. These forms are preferably submitted separate from Relicensing:

        1. Original Instructor Qualification Form Sets 1140CM/1145CM/1155CM *
        2. Original Director/AAO Form Sets 1150CM/1155CM *
        3. A Catalog (or its Checklist Form or a Form 1280CM), ** and
        4. An Enrollment Agreement (or its Checklist Form). **

* - These are due within (30) days of hire.
** - These may be filed any time during the year, but must be submitted then approved by the OBPVS before use begins.

Fee Schedule

Submit these Periodic Fees (Licensed Schools pay in Mid-Year) any time during a year; preferably NOT with the Annual Relicensing.

Photocopies or Certified Records requested by the School   $0.25/Page or $1.00/Page
Enrollment Agreement ("EA") Change   $40
Change of the School's Location, PLUS the appropriate Catalog(s) & EA Change Fees   $50
Catalog Changes, Per Catalog A (single) Catalog filing Fee includes a Catalog PLUS its Addendum/Appendix/Supplement  
Prelim. Review, usually for an Accreditor The OBPVS only issues Approvals AFTER an Accreditor finishes and issues its Approval. The OBPVS does NOT require a Prelim. Review, and will, if asked, explain to Accreditors that the OBPVS Approval awaits the Accreditor's decision. However, when Staff time permits, an OBPVS Preliminary Review DOES speed-up the Agency's final review work. $50
Prelim. Full Review, No Program Change(s)    $100
Prelim. Full Review with a Program Change(s) Change: Program ADDITION, or REVISION to Curriculum, Hours/Credits, or underlying Course(s) $150
FINAL Review - Applies IF a Preliminary Review was performed ($150 - $50)   $100
ANNUAL TRAINING, Per Person (or Log-In).  ONE Official for ea. School/Group is required to attend.   $200
OPTIONAL TRAINING, Per Person - Half Day OR Full Day   $200 or $300


Prorate-able TRAVEL (Site Visit) Fees, Per Day DESCRIPTION Amount ($)
Without an Overnight Stay The OBPVS bills these and provides details. Travel of less than 3 Hours may be prorated between Schools for same-day visits. Travel can't be charged for the OBPVS to join an Accreditior or other State/Federal Agency. $225
With an Overnight Stay $450

STATUTORY FEE CITATIONS: For COPIES, Title 51 O.S, § 24A.5(4), For ALL OTHER FEES, Title 70 O.S. §21-106

Annual Relicensing Fees

The Fee amount for Solicitor License Renewal, per Person is $100. It's a School's OPTION to use or not to use a Solicitor(s).

Below is the School License Renewal, Based On Net Tuition Collected (which is calculated as Tuition CHARGED, Less any Refunded Tuition).

$0 - $50K $749
>$50K - $250K $856
>$250K - $500K $1017
>$500K - $1M $1177
>$1M - $3M $1391
> $3M $1605


Last Modified on Oct 25, 2023
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