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Applying for License

Should you apply for a License of State Authorization? Use the license wizard to help determine eligibility.

FAQs for Applying Schools

The Frequently Asked Questions section of the website and corresponding answers are intended for informational purposes only.

Forms to Apply as New School/New Seminar

Useful Resources

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Fee Schedule

New Branch of an Existing/Licensed School A Change of Ownership, by Law & Rule, must be submitted as a New School Application. $321
[Entirely] New School or Changing Ownership Initial or Revised Catalog and EA Reviews are encompassed within the New School/Branch Fee.  Prior to the OBPVS' License Approval/Denial decision, separate/additional Fees are NOT required to be paid. $1,284


Solicitor for a New School or Branch, per Person. A Solicitor is a person who leaves the School Facility to recruit prospective students, or to attend Job Fairs/Career Days/Job Expos, etc. It's a School's OPTION to use or not to use a Solicitor(s). On-Campus Admission Reps. are not Solicitors if they don't leave the premises. However, Instructors who leave Campus and may answer prospective student questions should become licensed by the OBPVS as a Solictior. $200
Applicant-requested Photocopies or Certified Records.  Attach a copy of the OBPVS Invoice.   $0.25/Page or $1.00/Page
Complete hard-copy Licensing Packet from the OBPVS   $25

STATUTORY FEE CITATIONS: For COPIES, Title 51 O.S, § 24A.5(4), For ALL OTHER FEES, Title 70 O.S. §21-106

Last Modified on Oct 25, 2023
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