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To file a complaint with the Board, you will need to submit the complaint form below. Please include specific details of people involved, dates, location, particulars about the alleged violation(s), and any other pertinent facts. Each page of the complaint must be signed and dated. Submit your complaint to the address on the form.

690:1-3-7. Complaints of violations of the Act

  • Filing of complaint. (a) Charges against individuals alleged to be practicing speech-language pathology or audiology unlawfully shall be in writing, shall be sworn to by the accuser, shall set forth in simple language the ground or grounds constituting the charges, and shall be filed with the Executive Secretary of the Board at the official office of the Board.
  • Investigation of complaint. (b) The Board shall undertake the investigation of complaints of violations of the law. The choice of investigative mode shall depend upon the circumstances of the case and the discretion of the Board.
Last Modified on Oct 27, 2023
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