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LPC Initial Renewal


The deadline for the LPC initial renewal is the last day of the month, two (2) years from the month it was issued. To renew without penalty, your completed renewal material must be submitted on or before the expiration date. The issue date and expiration date is on your wallet size cards.


Please follow the chart below to determine your renewal fee.

Your expiration date Renewal Fee
June 30 $80.00
July 31 $71.50
August 31 $65.00
September 30 $58.50
October 31 $52.00
November 30 $45.50
December 31 $39.00
January 31 $32.50
February 28 or 29 $26.00
March 31 $19.50
April 30 $13.00
May 30 $6.50

Continuing Education:

You must complete at least 40 hours of counseling continuing education, accrued between the issue date and expiration date of your license. There is not an ethical continuing education requirement for the initial renewal requirement.

Last Modified on Nov 22, 2023
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