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Evaluation of Supervised Experience

In order to document supervised experience accrued, a candidate for licensure must submit the Evaluation of Supervised Experience (EoSE). Candidates for licensure may submit the EoSE by logging into the candidate portal. 

The Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) requires the Evaluation of Supervised Experience (EoSE) be submitted semi-annually, every six (6) months, effective the date of approval of the initial supervision agreement. In accordance with the OAC any Evaluation of Supervised Experience submitted beyond 60 days of the semi-annual due date will not be credited towards the duration of supervision as described.

Once you have logged into the candidate portal navigate to the dashboard and select Candidacy Requirements

Once you have located the Candidacy Requirements page in the portal, select View on the right-hand side of your current/active candidacy. This will navigate you to the Supervised Experience Summary.

Once you have navigated to the Supervised Experience Summary, scroll down until you locate Evaluation of Supervised Experience. Here you will select the Board approved supervisor for the supervised experience you are entering. Once you have located the Board approved supervisor, select View on the right-hand side of the record. This will navigate you to the Evaluation of Supervised Experience.

Once you have navigated to the EoSE complete all required fields marked with a red asterisk.

Please Note:

  1. When entering the supervised experience hours accrued, use the quarter hour format ex. 15 min=.25; 30 min=.50; 45 min=.75 etc.  Supervised experience hours are processed in 15 minute increments.
  2. Ensure BOTH observations are entered. If two observations are completed on the same day please indicate that two observations were completed on that date.
  3. Ensure onsite supervisor consult date is listed, as applicable.

Failure to provide the requirements may result in the delay of processing of the EoSE or the loss of supervised hours accrued.

Once you have navigated to the Evaluation of Supervised Experience select add new record and complete all required fields. Once all required fields have been completed select Save. Once saved you will automatically navigate back to the previous page so that may continue to enter each week for the semi-annual evaluation. 

All weeks during the six (6) month period must be accounted for. If no services were provided enter "0" hours accrued for the week.

Do not select "Submit for Approval" until you have documented each week for the six (6) month period.

Once you have entered each week for the semi-annual EoSE, select Submit for Approval. Once submitted the approved supervisor for the supervised hours submitted will receive notification the EoSE has been submitted for review.

Upon review the approved supervisor may approve or reject the EoSE. If approved the EoSE will be sent to the Board for review. If rejected the candidate must email the Board at and request the EoSE be unlocked so that the candidate may make any necessary changes and resubmit for approval.

Please review the EoSE carefully. Once the EoSE has been approved by the candidate, approved by the Board approved supervisor, and processed/approved by the Board the EoSE cannot be amended. 

Once the EoSE has been approved by either the candidate or the supervisor the EoSE will be locked and you will not be able to amend the EoSE in the portal. If you identify an error on the EoSE, you may request to amend the EoSE by contacting the Board at The request to amend must be submitted prior to Board review/approval.  We will need to know your name, the name of your supervisor and the evaluation period you are currently working in so that we ensure we are unlocking the correct evaluation. 

Portal Assistance:

When using the “Forgot Password” feature ensure all boxes on the sign in page are blank and click “Forgot Password”.  Next, enter in your email then click reset password.  The temporary password will be sent from so be sure to search your inbox and if needed your spam and junk folders as well.

Here are a few additional tips and tricks for logging into the portal:

  1. Ensure you are using all lower case letters in your email. 
  2. We suggest that you use Google Chrome as your web browser. 
  3. We suggest that you copy and paste the temporary password you receive to avoid typos. 
  4. Ensure the email account is active and is the same as the account on file with the Board.

Please note, the temporary password is only active for 5 minutes, if not used in that time you have to request a new temporary password.

For additional assistance you may email the Board at

Please be aware that the answers to your security questions are case sensitive.

If you fail to correctly answer the security questions three (3) times the portal login will be disabled and you will not able to log into your account. You may request the Board unlock your account by emailing the Board at

Last Modified on Dec 20, 2023
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